Labial Reduction or Labioplasty

This is the surgical removal of excess or unequal vaginal lips to restore to what is considered acceptable to the woman. It is usually done on the inner lips, but can be done on the outer lips, if appropriate. Many women are born with large or unequal labia, while others develop this condition with childbirth or age.

Most often, ladies request labial reduction surgery because they are not satisfied with the larger size of their inner lips (labia minora), which often protrudes outside the outer lips (labial majora). They may find this embarrassing, especially as it frequently becomes noticeable with tight underwear or sport or swimming wears. In some others, the excess skin protrusion can result in constant irritation with tight pants or jeans or cause discomfort when engaging in sports or other physical activities. For some others, it simply gets in the way during sexual intercourse. Labia reduction is a simple and reasonably safe solution for these problems.

Vaginal Tightening or Vaginoplasty

This is the surgical procedure for vaginal relaxation, which occurs when the vaginal supports loose their tone, strength and control. The vagina becomes quite roomy and slack, as its supporting muscles and tissues have become stretched and torn during childbirth. Unfortunately, it usually does not return to its pre-pregnancy state and Kegel's pelvic floor exercises do not always help. Thus, the vagina is no longer at its best possible sexual functioning state. Many women complain of loss of sensation during sexual intercourse, which reduces sexual satisfaction for them, and also for their partners. It is quite common for this to be the source of disharmony and resentment. Worse still, the emotional toll with loss of self-esteem and confidence can result in fear of entering another relationship or even guilt, self-blame or depression.

Some women complain of vaginal air-trapping or vaginal wind, which can be very embarrassing. It can occur on its own and sometimes during sexual intercourse. The same goes for vaginal water trapping, with annoying dribbling of fluid long after coming out of the bath or pool.

Vaginal tightening surgically restores the stretched or damaged supporting tissues and the muscles of the perineum. The stretched and excess vaginal skin is removed resulting in immediate reduction in vaginal size, which should allow more friction and return of sensation during sexual intercourse.